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If you are interested in the Japanese market, you are definitely on the right way. We will be your good distributor and business partner in Japan.


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Goodhub is a marketing and promotion specialist and distributor who works strategically from crowdfunding to general sales.  We offer a powerful, one-stop solution for everything you need to do to sell in the Japanese market.

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Goodhub — The Best Crowdfunding Marketing Experts in JAPAN

How to Kickstart Growth
in the Japanese Market

Crowdfunding is the best way to introduce a product to the Japanese market that is unknown and unremarkable in Japan, but very innovative and amazing.

With the growth of the Japanese crowdfunding market, there has been an influx of new distributors using crowdfunding, but many of them do not have a marketing or branding strategy in place.

The best experience in Japan.

No one has more experience and know-how in crowdfunding in Japan than we do.

Learn about crowdfunding marketing services and what works and what we do best in terms of crowdfunding promotion strategies for product launches in Japan.


We position your brand or product to establish and maintain its true identity in the Japanese market.


Discover consumer insights and create campaigns focused on them to strengthen our market position.

brand equity

We find the value that companies are missing and make consumers and society aware of their uniqueness, points of differentiation, strengths and value.


Reframing all the weaknesses into a positive image to make the user change their perspective.

Goodhub — The Shopify D2C Specialists in JAPAN

Shopify has gone from being a “must-have” to a “default” tool for today’s D2C brands. We use Shopify as a tool to add value to your brand, build trust with your customers, and create a passionate fan base for your brand.

We do not just sell but deliver the value of your product. We provide the best services for our clients and customers.

Cerificated Shopify Partner

We have completed "Shopify Partner Boot Camp: Japan #1", the first official Shopify partner training program in Japan, hosted by Shopify Japan and have been certified.

Enhance your brand and create a passionate fan base

From Product Launch to Sales Expansion

Let us help you grow your brand.

Service Flow

If your product is not yet available in the Japanese market, there is a lot we can do to help.

Before Crowdfunding

Skype Meeting

We would like to get to know you, get to know your brand, get to know your products, and we would like you to get to know us as well.


If you're happy with our marketing plan and terms and conditions in a Skype meeting, we'll seal the deal.

Planning a strategy

We will conduct market research and develop a marketing strategy in the Japanese market that best suits our project.


We will look at what certifications are required under Japanese law. You will be required to obtain the necessary certifications.


There are several crowdfunding platforms in Japan, but we will apply to the appropriate one for our products.


We will attract customers in advance to ensure the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

Start Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has begun. In some cases, we will attract customers for the duration of the project.

After Crowdfunding


We can also handle the logistics warehousing, ordering and delivery.

customer support

Respond to initial defects and respond to various inquiries.

Online Sales

We sell through DtoC (Shopify), Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping and other sales channels that match the product..


We use a variety of ways to promote our product, not just online advertising.

Offline Sales

We will boost sales at stores with strong customer appeal in Japan, such as Yodobashi Camera, Tokyu Hands, and Loft.

Growth Our Business

Repeatedly testing and rotating the PDCA cycle to increase sales.

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More than 36 projects have already been started this year.

We do not enforce contracts. We welcome just a consultation.

Our current response time is about 1 day.
Expect a reply between 9am – 6pm Japan Time Monday through Friday.